Florence Maybrick Mrs. Jack The Ripper


When Southern Belle, Florence Chandler, boarded a New York steamer bound for England, she must have believed the world was at her feet. Eighteen years old, beautiful and rich, she was leaving her wealthy Alabama childhood behind her and embarking upon the trip of a lifetime. The year was 1880, and she was accompanying her mother, the Baroness Von Roques, on a tour of Europe’s most fashionable spots. Had she known what the future held, she would have turned on her heels and run for home. Just ten short years later and the life of Florence Chandler would be in tatters. Her married name would be synonymous with debauchery and adultery on both sides of the Atlantic. Still in her twenties, she would find herself a convicted woman, guilty of murdering her innocent and defenceless husband.

A Whirlwind Romance

Who was James Maybrick?

A Marriage in Crisis

An Unfortunate Chain of Events